Artwork – Frequently Asked Questions

There are many forms of art and the most common ones today being wall art, have made huge waves in the world of creativity. Many people are exploring their creative side and expressing them in different forms of art. There are ways to make money through art; doing what you love and making enough revenue to create a brand for yourself. The key to learn how things work in the art world. We have taken the liberty to compile a list of frequently asked question which would provide insight to how you can establish yourself in the art world.

  1. What exactly is an original artwork?

An original piece is a painting created by hand by the original painter. This form of painting is unique as compared to art prints which are made by machines and can be reprinted in huge numbers.

  1. How should one price their own original artwork?

To create a reasonable cost for an original painting one method is to add the cost for materials used with standard hourly rate for the time taken to produce one piece of art.

  1. How can one copyright an artwork?

Often time’s original artworks are duplicated and resold by con artistes. The best way to ensure that your original piece is safe is to copyright it. You can do this by registering with the Library of Congress online to get an official certificate of registration and ownership.

  1. How can I gain popularity as an artist?

Many great artists that are remembered today are popular because of a few reasons;

  • They created art that was greatly appealing and had depth
  • There work was published and more people had access to viewing their piece
  • The artists were members of a society of artists and some of them participated in competitions
  • Art agents can also help a good artist to find the right audience
  • Great artists focus on what they really care about and that way they create masterpieces