Make Him Go Crazy Over You

Do you know that there are unexplored territories in the mind of your man that can make him love you even more than he ever did? Are you aware that there are triggers that awaken the hero instinct in a man and can cause him to obsess and make bold steps to claim you? Have you heard of the Lover techniques that you can apply in your relationship that would make your man to devote himself to you completely without holding back? No, this is not a myth at all. You can learn all these and more by downloading the expert relationship guide. Here are popular reviews for this masterpiece.

Emotions are tools

Always remember that the best way to provoke certain positive emotions in your man is through words. There are quite a number of gestures that can stir up emotions and feeling of being loved and needed in him but none is quite as clear cut as spoken words. So what kind of words can you use to spur up these emotional triggers? Let’s take a look at 3 golden phrases;

“You make me feel safe” – this phrase breeds absolute commitment and creates a need to become better at doing this. Every man has a natural protective instinct and when this phrase is uttered, it reassures him that he is doing the right thing and it also reinforces a self awareness to create a better condition for his one and only.

“I love you” – the age old phrase that is always so reassuring and adds value to every relationship. Every time you say this phrase out loud, you make a commitment which renews his confidence in you and in himself.

“I am yours” – often times doubt brings setbacks in commitment levels. This phrase is a total surrender to the possessive side of the male, reassuring him of your affection. This would help improve his confidence.