A Daily Dose Of Riddles For The Curious Minds

Riddles present a certain charm, they are silly and somewhat logical at the same time. As you read through one, it looks simple enough and the answer feels like it should immediately pop in your mind but there are times that it doesn’t or the answer you initially thought was quite different from the right answer. That’s where the challenge springs up, as the minutes tick on by it seems like the answer is escaping which makes things more interesting. RiddlesDB.com could be a constant source of riddles that you can work with, especially with the fact that new riddles are constantly added.

The Best Riddles with Answers

Part with your used up riddle book and switch to RiddlesDB.com where new riddles are added at a surprisingly fast pace and could be searched by category in case you’re more inclined to a certain category; there are riddles revolving around math, easy ones for beginners, funny ones for added entertainment and more. Every riddle has the answer below alongside a thumbs up and thumbs down button; even without an account you can show if you agreed or disagreed with the riddle and the answer. A search bar is also on the website so users don’t have to manually search each and every page for what they’re looking for.

As we mentioned, the website regularly posts new riddles so if you’re going to become a regular on the page it’s unlikely that you’ll run out of riddles to solve. In case you have some clarifications or inquiries regarding the website and the riddles, they encourage users to contact them through the inquiry page. It’s basically an online form that asks for the name of the user, their email, the subject of the inquiry and the inquiry itself.