Nutritional Tips for Throat Cancer Patients

The ung thu vom hong comes with a list of side effects and the complications may start cascading. As the patient has difficulty in eating, this can lead to a number of nutritional deficiencies. You cannot ignore the importance of nutrition while undergoing the throat cancer treatments. No wonder the patients always become a prey of additional problems like diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, constipation and weight loss.

Here, we have shared some tips for patients with throat cancer to get proper nutrition throughout the treatment:

  • For those who have trouble swallowing, eating moist and soft foods like cream soups, mashed potatoes, dairy products is recommended.
  • As you will need more proteins and energy throughout the treatment, it is best to take high protein and calorie snacks even between the meals.
  • Fruit smoothies and protein shakes are another great source to get calories and proteins. As it is liquid food, it will be easier for you to take it in.
  • Avoid citrus foods, spices, crunchy foods, tomato products and alcohol as they can make the problem worst.
  • Instead of eating 3 big meals, break your meals throughout the day to meet the nutritional needs.
  • In case the mouth irritation is high, increase the intake of low acidic and less spicy food. It is recommended to add soft foods and shakes to your diet.

In case your throat cancer treatment involves radiation, you may be required to take enteral nutrition or a feeding tube as a supplement. Some patients are reluctant to take feeding tubes. If you have such concerns, it is best to talk to your doctor about them. Have a list of questions prepared to discuss a nutrition plan to follow in between and even after the treatment. On the whole, it is extremely crucial to take care of your diet otherwise, you will become prone to a number of unwanted health problems.