Best Runescape Private Servers

If you’re into online gaming, then one of the familiar concepts and/or terms you may get to come across would most definitely have to be private servers. Basically, a lot of the most popular MMORPG, browser-based, online games have more than a hundred of these private servers where you could choose to join. Each of these private servers have various features in them, some of which include special games, expanded gaming horizons, unlimited modifications to the games, and the like – at absolutely no cost. One of these is the RSPS, or the runescape private servers, with sites such as, as well as the listing the best private servers. Having said that, below are just some of the best private server sites which you could visit and make use of in playing the said game.



First on the list of is Grinderscape, which boasts of having 5 different game modes, instead of the traditional 4 that the game is designed to have.  Apart from the additional game mode, it also has other extra features not found on the original game, such as Decanter, Ironman, Boss Pets, Npc Kill Tracking, Dicing, Frost Dragons, and Custom Titles, which would over-all contribute to a much better gameplay.


Elcoy claims to bethe best Pre-EOC Server guaranteed, with constant and perpetual updates being guaranteed, stores for purchases owned by other players, full construction of the play field, a special Iron Man Mode, OSRS Bosses, Riot Wars games, as well as more than 300 players whom you could interact with freely.


If OSRS, or old school runescape is your favorite, then Alora is the server for you. As a matter of fact, it boasts of having more than 500 online players, with a lot of quality content, a trading post, perfect combat, and NPC Drop Tables. Moreover, it’s the only RSPS with RAIDS, making this the perfect server for you.