Amazon Echo Is The Only Assistant You Need

Amazon Echo has completely changed the market with its great innovation. It has been about a year since the brilliant piece of technology was released and it has many people happy since then, bringing them a little relief in their busy lives. This voice command assistant will replace all other personal assistants in your phones because of the ease to use it. The Amazon Echo is also a speaker and looks like a 26 cm long black cylinder, and actually looks very stylish that will look very good in your home just sitting somewhere making your life simpler. Writing this Echo review has been an absolute joy.



Amazon Echo has an Artificial Assistant by the Alexa and Alexa prefers to be referred as ‘she’ than ‘it’ and with the right voice commands can control everything around you that can be connected with a wireless connection like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Slowly it becomes a part of your life as you ask it to set reminders for you for important events.  The speakers sound pretty impressive and come with noise cancellation mikes that help you to be heard above all the noise inside the house. If you have taken your electricity connection from an authorized dealer amongst the lists in Amazon’s list then you can control the lights and other electrical appliances in your house just with a help of a command.



Alexa can do quite a lot of impressive things or you like read out the news or read out a book from your kindle. It can give you live sport updates and you can ask her about the weather. With the help of Alexa you can play any song anytime you want from your Amazon Prime Account or from your Spotify account and you can also order things from your cart. Alexa keeps on gets regular updates and we expect it to get only better with time.

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