3 Platforms To Play Minecraft

Minecraft is a three dimension sandbox video game that was created by Markus Perrson and adopted by Microsoft in 2014.The game allows users to go on a game adventure and freely create game constructions out of cubes. It has the creative, survival and hardcore mode and available on different play platforms namely:

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition

Available on IOS, windows10, Windows Phone  fire OS and android, the Minecraft Pocket edition is for mobile use.  Compared to the Minecraft PC Edition, the pocket edition has a lot of missing features that include fewer dimensions, no hunger in survival mode among others. Despite the missing elements many Minecraft players still prefer the mobile version to the PC edition.


  • Minecraft PC Edition

It is the oldest and most superior edition with better game components and multiplayer support. Available in Windows and Mac OS X, the edition is available in both full and demo mode. The full mode goes for not more than thirty five dollars while you can also try installing the free demo mode to ensure it is compatible with your computer’s hardware. Minecraft Edition also allows players to introduce new elements to the Minecraft game in what is referred to as modding.

  • Minecraft Console Edition


Is available in Xbox one and 360, play station 3,4, and Vita. Just like the pocket edition, the console edition can be modded though quite challenge to do it practically. Multiple player support is also available as long as a Minecraft player logs into a user account in X box or play station that has a paid subscription. This means  that if you don’t have an online subscription you will not be able to play online.


Just like the aforementioned Minecraft platforms, there are numerous Minecraft PE servers that you can depend on to bring life to your gaming experience. All you have to do is to look at which server best fits your needs.

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