The Best Responsive Blogger Templates In The Market

Blogging has become any mans work and also works in the favour of the person using it depending on how well he makes use of the blogging platform. Here are some of the best responsive blogger templates that are available in the market and available for free in the market. You can take your pick based on your blogs nature.

  • Typefocus: If you are a writer and enjoy the art of writing, the Typefocus template will help you highlight just that. If you are interested in starting your online journal or diary, this might be the best platform that has all your needs covered.


  • Sorbet: This is for the technology geek that lies within you. A blogging template that is built for multi-purpose blogging and fitted with the best every blogging features from widgets to appearance, they have the whole thing covered.
  • Photosheet: If you thought that photo bloggers do not have proper templates to work with, this is for you. Dedicated solely for putting up photos, it has stunning features and amazing themes to help you lay your photo portfolio the way you want.
  • Moments: For those of the simple mind, Moments is the best path for you. A plain, yet attractive template that is very efficient in getting your posts on the blog, moments also has other essential features of widgets that you can use to populate your blog.


Depending on the type of blog that you want to create, you can choose the best template that will match your need. When it comes to blogging, the ultimate power of your blog resides in your hands and it’s up to you to make the best use of the available templates in the market. So make your choice and let the blogging begin!

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