A Brief Review On Tinder Dating Application

After the advent of tablets and Smart Phones, the mobile dating has truly taken off in biggest way. The major player in the market today that is widely appreciated is Tinder App. This application is basically a location based dating app that is made available for all Android and Apple users. It allows you to find the like minded people close to your region and you can start chatting with them using the Tinder Chat feature.


About Tinder Chat

Tinder Chat is the dating application that is free to download. It was launched in the year 2012 and since after its inception it has taken the dating arena by storm. People who want to enjoy chatting with like minded people close to their area need to create an account using their Faceboook Profile. This is the only method to create account and start chatting using Tinder App. Since you used your Facebook Profile for login and creating account, you don’t have to follow the hassles of filling the personal details or uploading your pictures. Everything will be updated automatically by the application. It will help you to build your personal user profile on Tinder by pulling all the basic information from your Facebook Profile.


How Tinder Chat Works?

Since it is a location based dating application, Tinder Chat uses the GPS feature of your Smartphone to locate the potential match close to your area. You are allowed to set the distance through settings and give your preferred distance from where you would like to find the matches. You can set the distance ranging from one mile to 100 miles.


You can also set the age of the matches between 18 and 55+ and also mention whether you are seeking women or men. These are the basic things that you need to prove to the application so that it can help you find the perfect match of your choice that is within your desired distance.

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