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Right now, even as you’re reading this, there are thousands of people signing up for English classes. They do so with varying reasons, there are those that want to seek opportunities in countries where English is the dominant language, those who want to learn for tons of personal reasons and the few that enroll in order to teach others. There are tons of the said programs available online and offline, one of the best is Maximo Nivel. You can look for them online, you’d see how great their programs and opportunities are.

We’re here to discuss Maximo Nivel, the opportunities that you can experience and what they’re all about. So many others before you can testify to the amazing experiences opened up to them by Maximo Nivel. If you’re still in doubt, you can look for multiple reviews on the internet which we can assure you are mostly positive ones.


What is Maximo Nivel?

Maximo Nivel is actually the Spanish word for maximum level, it is a family-owned organization which is known for top quality and affordable programs in Latin America. Ever since 2003, they have offered countless international programs to those who are interested to enroll. The programs that they have in Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala include Semester Abroad, TEFL Certification, Volunteer Abroad, Spanish Immersion, Service Learning and more.

Don’t worry, all their products are accredited internationally and most of their programs provide university credit. They annually work with over 4,000 students, clients, travelers and volunteers. Maximo Nivel has made it their goal to deliver the best programs out there, to train and certify top quality ESL teachers, organize internship programs, in order to provide international work experience and help people experience a different kind of education and adventure.


Additional Information

If you’re interested in joining in the amazing experience, just register on their website and if you have any other inquiries then you can contact them through the numbers and emails on their page. Don’t worry if you’re still minor because they’ll still accept your application provided that you sign a parental waiver. Teens and even children are also allowed to join just as long as they are a part of a group or family who also signed up to travel. Their staff has experience with working with children even as young as 5 years old; they even encourage it in order to be able to widen their experiences at such an age.

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