Logic- The Art Of Reasoning!

What is منطق? This question strikes in the head of many people. For beginners, logic is a system of principles, lying under the elements of any electronic device, computer, etc. It is a study of the principles of appropriate reasoning. Logic teaches us the skill to reason properly with a brief solution.Banner_Corp_Literature

Some basic principles of logic

There are various principles of logic and reasoning, which helps us to satisfy the logic accurately. Let us explore some of the basic principles of logic, like

  • Logic includes the study of consistency and logical truths. A person with a good logic capability will always have a determined approach towards any problem.
  • A logical solution will satisfy the validity of arguments. It follows that’s a particular conclusion should satisfy the respective assumptions you made while solving the problem. Hence a conclusion should always follow the assumptions taken during the beginning of a problem.
  • A good logic not only includes the validity of statements, but it should also provide a consistent solution. The solution executed from a particular logic should be sound and complete.
  • Logic should analyze the meaning of concepts so that it can establish the general laws of a particular concept.

sylvia-plath-s-writing-style_6df59a5b0aa87895Basic needs in logic

There are some necessities that are needed while giving a logic to a particular solution. Let us explore, few of them as follows

  • Talking of logic, if a particular statement is from the field of physics, the statement will definitely be true.
  • The validity of logic depends totally on the qualities and behavior of the world, and its approach towards that particular reasoning criterion.
  • It is a proven fact that scientific truths are unexpected, whereas logical truths are necessary. Hence proving that logical truths are very different from subjects like, biology, chemistry, etc.

Types of logic

A simple logic is further bifurcated into formal and informal logic; let us understand the basics of each, as follows

  • Formal logic: this type of logic basically includes presence of proofs; it includes a precise and careful definition of logics. Formal logic helps us to recognize various patterns of ideal reasoning. They are also used to study various linguistic languages.
  • Informal logic: It is also termed as critical thinking, as it is used to study the fallacies and reasoning with respect to everyday life.

Hence before looking for logic of any problem, search for all the reasoning criteria with a valid approach.

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