Looking For An Alternative For Movie Box App For Android Devices?

Are you a movie savvy or obsessed with movies? You might have heard Moviebox app, a software developed for iOS by Cydia. You’re lucky enough if you have an iPhone or iPad to enjoy movies and TV shows for free on Moviebox. But if you are an Android user, your first question is “is there a Movie box app for android?

The answer is no. Moviebox app is available only for iOS devices and currently unavailable for Android devices. You get unofficial versions of Moviebox on Android, however, they aren’t a genuine one. Hence it is recommended not to go with unofficial versions as there are chances that your Android device might get infected by malware.


However, there are alternatives for Android. However, most of the apps available charge a certain amount of fee to watch a movie or TV Show. Some of these apps include Netflix, Big Star Movies, and Google owned Play Movie which also provides greater quality of streaming.

There are several unofficial apps for Android to stream Movies and TV Shows for free, but question is which to select the right one to watch Movies and TV shows for free. There are genuine apps available to download on their respective website for Android Devices but not on Play Store. There are apps where you can watch TV Shows and Movies for free, but one needs to go through several annoying ads ending up losing interest. Hence it is difficult to find an alternative of Moviebox app on Android devices.

In case if one wish to use an alternative app, there are a very few apps. In case if you do not wish to switch to an iOS device, Netflix is the best option as they charge a reasonable fees compared to other apps and also you’re provided with good quality streaming (Internet Speed depends as well).

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