Is Your Dns Server Not Responding? Try These!

A complication that the Windows operating system, particularly Windows 7, 8 and 10, often face is the DNS server. DNS or Domain Name System Error prohibits the users from accessing the internet and the only message that you get is, DNS server not responding”.

The Domain Name System is the link that allows the browsers to connect to the various websites. However, sometimes, due to network failure, security measures or virus attacks, this error may occur.


Some basic DNS errors include SNAME Error, caused due to invalid IP addresses and can be resolved by validating the IP address. DNS Error caused because of incomplete website setup is the ‘No Registered Records’, which is resolved by the Clients Database Management. Sometimes, you get redirected to a different site that you may not know about, thus forcing you to either visit that site or shut down the search.

So, if you are also being harassed by the DNS error, try some of the following techniques to get freed from it.

Firstly try resetting the DNS Settings by:

  1. Press ‘Enter’ after typing ‘cmd.exe’.
  2. Pressing Windows + R to open ‘Command Prompt’
  3. Now type the following commands, one by one:

Ipconfig/flushdns> Enter

ipconfig /registerdns> Enter

ipconfig /release > Enter

ipconfig /renew > Enter

netshwinsock reset > Enter

Now restart the computer and check if the problem persists.

Secondly, you can disconnect the router of all the connections, let it be in that condition for like a minute or so, then plug it again, switch it on and then check.

If the problem stays, deactivate the Firewall, and see if the error persists.


Furthermore, you can either try using a different browser or the “Safe Mode with Networking”.

There are various other means of resolving the DNS Error; however, you may face a bit of trouble if you’re not a computer-person. So, you can either contact your Internet Provider or a computer-technician for help.

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