Pompadour: An Exclusive Hairstyle Which Improves Your Personality

With growing modernization, fashion had made its own standpoint. Each and every one of us strives to look good to present a good impression in front of any gathering. People try so many different things In order to improve their looks. They work upon their clothes, style and more. One of such important approach is the hairstyle we keep.

Yes, hairstyle or styling of hair plays a key role in presenting a proper personality. There are plethoras of hairstyles available with different hairstylists. Some are very much popular and some have even lost its existence. In this piece of writing, we are going to discuss one of such popular Hairstyle called as Pompadour.

About Pompadour

As indicated earlier, it is a kind of hairstyle which is named after Madame De Pompadour, who was mistress of King Louis XV. The basic concept of this hairdo is that your hair is swept upwards from the head or face and then it is worn over the forehead. Also, at times, it is even upswept around the back and sides as well. This kind of haircut can be done in various variations. There are exclusive styles for both men and women.


A brief history

The trend of this hairstyle began on 18th century by Madame De Pompadour, who is already introduced to you above. She was having a considerable amount of power at that era and thus is a popular name in the books of history. But, the royal mistress is more remembered for her distinct hairstyle. Eventually, the distinctive style of coiffure which she used to have is named after her.

This hairstyle undoubtedly remained a female haircut predominantly for a long period of time. Then came personality like Elvis Presley and Janelle Monae who gave a new insight to this hairdo. From here, Pompadour became famous and is used by many.

Types of Pompadour

There are mainly two types of Pompadour which are as follows:

  • The Classical Type: This is the typical pompadour which was mentioned above. It is more suitable if you are looking to present yourselves as a refined gentleman rather than any rock god. The side of the hair must not be clipped too short in this kind of hairstyle. This particular look is more suitable for a person who is having longer faces. This is because it maintains the required balance of width with height. Some of the popular celebrities having this sort of hairdo are Bruno Mars, James Franco, Josh Hartnett, Julie Bowen and many more.


  • Angular or modern or extreme Type: This is a result of experimentation done by the hairstylists. In this haircut, the back hair and the side hair is shaved extremely short keeping the crown similar as classical type. In simple terms, this extreme type is nothing but a fusion of undercut and pompadour. It suits the people having rounder face only, thus, anyone should not try for with without consult of an expert. This hairstyle is very much popular and common these days. Even modern day personalities like David Beckham, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Sean Penn, Cassandra Elizabeth Ventura and many more can be seen having this angular haircut giving their look an edge.

 The only disadvantage of this particular type of haircut is that it needs high maintenance. The back and sides need to be trimmed regularly and it should be styled on a daily basis.

Women’s Style

This haircut is popular among women even till date. These days, this hairdo is implemented by backcombing the roots of the hair towards the top of the head. Following this, again hairstylists have done several experiments and have designed an all total new modern or extreme pompadour. One of such variety is sides are pulled back towards the center.

Another variety to this is the quaff hairstyle. It is a combination of Mohawk hairstyle and pompadour. Here, the side of the hair is shaved and the middle is slicked back and is stood up similar to that of pompadour.

Popular artists like Lady Astor, Bette Davis, Betty Grable and more were having this popular hairdo. Emily Rose, Kathleen Robertson, Amaia Salamanca and more are the modern generation artists who are seen having the haircut being discussed here.

Men’s Style

As indicated earlier, Elvis Presley is the person who started the trend of having pompadour hairstyle amongst men. Followed by this many artists tried this haircut and this led to its actual birth among common men.

Variations in Pompadour

By now, you must have got a fair bit of idea regarding the different varieties of this popular hairstyle. Different hairstylists have different ideas for the same. It is mixed with some other hairstyles to make a brand new type of hairstyle.

The variations include styling the crown in some different manner like making some sort of curve keeping the basic concept of the pompadour in mind. Varying the size of sides and back as per size of the crown is another way of mixing things.

The options are endless. The same thing can be presented in a different manner and could be very attractive. You yourself need to do explore various ideas and imaginations and choose which variety will suit you the best.


Popularity of Pompadour

There is no need to mention how much popular this hairdo is. You could see various celebrities all across the globe trying this version of hairstyle. This speaks how much trendy this haircut is. People all over the world who are a die-hard fan of any celebrity will automatically try this hairstyle. Thus, its popularity is growing day by day.

Importance of proper hairstylist or barber

It is true that to get perfection in this hairdo, you need an expert. So whoever does your haircut must be a professional. As you know if you go for modern style, you will need to give time to your hairs daily in order to maintain the style. Thus, in order to achieve this, you need to have a proper hairstylist or barber who could not only help you in getting the look but also could help you, by giving necessary advice, in maintaining the same.

Things to consider before choosing a hairstylist or barber for making pompadour

Needless to mention that before choosing any barber or hairstylist, you need to do a proper research work on how good he or she is. Following are some of the tips for the same which you may consider:

  • Stay away from any major franchisee or chain
  • Check the reviews online
  • Search for the shop’s instagram or other social network accounts to check out the quality of its work.

Important tips of having pompadour haircut

The most important part of having this hairdo is that you need to be crystal clear in your mind which type (classical or modern) will suit your personality. An expert advice for the same is recommended. This expert could be any hair consultant or even your own barber.

During the process of decision-making, you need to decide and specify the length of the top and sides you desire. This plays a vital role enhancing your look. The actual length will be based on your personal preferences. Usually, the length between four to five inches is common among many.

Now you need to ensure that you are proper pomade, depending upon your hair, whether thin or thick. You need to ensure that the saloon is having good blow-dryer, brush hairspray, and other accessories. This is because a little negligence can cause major setback in your hairstyle.


Looking sexy and attractive is desirable by all men and women these days. This brings in equation the use of professionals like beautician, hairstylist and more. Pompadour is one of such word to achieve the same. You could watch so many famous personalities and celebrities using this haircut adding a lot to their personality.

But again, to achieve this is not at all an easy task. You need to get in touch a good and professional hairstylist. You need to decide what exactly suits you the best from the plenty of styles and then stick to it. After getting the haircut done, the bigger challenge is to maintain it. For this you are bound to pay attention to your hair on daily basis. The advice of your barber or hairstylist will play a key role in it.

So, finally you have come up with all the information about it. This hairdo will be an amazing style to look attractive in front of any gathering. If you haven`t tried this style, then you shall try it. This fashion is getting popular day by day and also the people are sharing their views regarding it. Just to erase your hesitation, you can freely look at its reviews at social networking sites which will be very helpful to you. After going through the reviews, you will be overwhelmed by it and also you will not waste your time in thinking and immediately explore this wonderful hairdo.

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