An Open Source Platform And The Showbox App

They say android is meant for people who love to customize their smartphones. The level of customization offered by android is simply unparalleled. Be it settings, visuals, interface or apps, android offers complete choice to the users. As a matter of fact, even if two users have the same android phone, with the same apps, the phones may still very well be different on the inside due to the user’s individual preferences. Which isn’t the case for other mobile platforms. Well, whether it is good or bad is to be decided by the users. But the fact remains, android provides that ability to deeply alter the phone behaviour to cater one’s own needs.

What is all the hype about?


So let’s talk about what exactly it offers to deserve such applause. Sure it allows you to change every little aspect and much more. But that’s old news now. So let’s get to something even better. Let’s focus on the variety of apps. Sure, every mobile platform has a plethora of great apps. But what makes android shine here is the fact that it is open source. So as long as there’s a working idea and an app created dwelling on it, the app can be launched. This seems as rather rudimentary, but believe me it’s not. Many of the rival platforms maintain a check on the functionality of apps being offered on their platform. So, if they find an idea to be way too liberal, they may deny its launch on the platform.


Multiple Sources

That’s one way to put it. Next is the sheer availability of such apps and the medium to obtain such apps. Even android can deny some apps from launching on the Play Store, but that’s it. Android allows you to install apps from locations other than Play Store. Remember the open source stuff? Well this is where it comes to play! There you have it, there are many different platforms for downloading apps apart from Google’ own, not to mention that apps can always have their own websites allowing users to download their apps from there. So even if an app isn’t available on Play Store, it can most likely be downloaded from the app’s website.

What’s the need anyways?

Alright, there are other sources to download apps. So what? Who needs multiple sources anyways? That’s most users take on it. But let’s get to the more interesting part. These apps have varying features and often can be truly useful.

Regular Sources vs Other Sources

For instance, let’s talk about an app. First let’s decide on a particular app based on its functionality from the Play Store. Next, let’s find out what competition do these other sources have to offer for it. So, talking about movies and TV shows streaming apps, let’s say our pick from Play Store is Netflix. Sure, it’s a beautiful app with great functionality and does exactly as claimed by its creators. It allows users to watch movies and TV shows on a subscription basis. So in short, it’s like paying per month basis for whatever services you choose to avail. Of course, the collection is great.

How do apps from other sources fare?

But is that really the best possible way to stream content? Well, some developers tend to disagree. So there we have it. Our pick from other sources is an app, also for streaming content, called ShowBox. It allows users to stream movies and TV shows for free. Yes, it doesn’t have a subscription based model but instead an ad based model. So sure, it displays ads, but then again, it allows you to stream content for free. Not just that, it also allows you to download movies and TV shows.

ShowBox Experience in Niceties

Collection is good

The app itself is nicely designed. It works just as the developers claim. Generally, the very few apps that actually choose to follow this ad based free content business model lack in the actual content. They don’t have a collection worth boasting about. But things have changed. ShowBox provides access to a great collection, both in movies and TV series. Most of the classic titles are available both for streaming and downloading.

The App Works Nicely

The app is fairly smooth and the interface is simple to use. The app allows you to create your watch list to enlist the titles you wish to watch in the future. It also allows you to enlist your watched titles. It allows you to set up a favourites list and allows for easy navigation to those titles. And overall navigation within the app is seamless. The basic tools like search are incorporated nicely within the app. The app also categorizes content based on genre and the year of release. So it makes browsing across the titles even easier. The app also recommends you titles based on your watch list and search history. The recommendations are shown on the app home screen itself. It also provides you with IMDb ratings of the titles and in turn also allows you to rate the titles in its own ShowBox ratings.

The app also updates its collections regularly. So newer releases of movies and TV shows are added to its catalogues regularly. Also, previously unavailable old titles are added from time to time. So, you have that to look forward to. The app allows you to stream and download content in different qualities based on your connection. So you can stream and download in High Definition (HD) and in Standard Definition (SD) depending on your choice. While most titles are available in HD, a few titles are still missing in HD quality.


True Freedom

So, an app from a source other than the Play Store actually sounds enticing. That you see, is the true beauty of android, an open source platform. Here, the apps can be created by individual developers and launched on their own websites if not the various different app markets already available apart from the Play Store. And you have the freedom to install all these apps. Also, did I just forget to mention rooting your phone? Well, let’s save it for another day.

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